Lee Zavorskas
Owner & Licensed Esthetician

My love of skin started with the heartbreaking acne my middle son was experiencing. I knew I wanted to help him and so my journey began. Knowing already the direct link between the brain, the gut and our skin, I set out to learn as much as I could to better serve my clients and my own family. 

After having the opportunity to learn from some of the best in the Industry, I was able to add Gua Sha, Kansa Wand, Facial Reflexology and Nutritional Esthetics to my practice. 

Your nutrition plays a big part in your skins health....
They do say "you are what you eat" and now is the time to learn just how true that is.  My job as your Professional Skin Therapist, is to teach you how to properly care for your skin. Not just from the outside, but the inside as well.  

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