Monthly Membership Information


Membership Fee: $80 Month 

Membership includes the following services: you can choose

  • Custom 60 min facial

  • Back facial

  • Body Treatment

  • The Grounding

Once you are a member, you can receive the above services for the $80 per service ​

Meaning, if you get a facial, you pay $80 then decided later in the month to get The Grounding, you'd again pay the $80. Membership locks you into the $80 per service pricing.

Membership appointments can be transferred to a friend/family member. 

Credit Cards will be held on file and charged the FIRST of the month.

If you fail to book your monthly appointment and miss that month, you will still be charged the full amount. 

If you cancel an appointment less than 24 hrs prior to your appointment without discussing with me first, you will be charged..  If you no show an appointment, you will be charged.

Gratuity will be added day of service.

The Monthly Membership is a great way to stay on track with your skins health and overall stress reduction.

Too many times, we put ourselves last.  More and more people are realizing that "Self-care" is not a buzz word, but a necessity, especially now.


Skincare is not just about your skin, its about your whole wellness.  What used to be considered a "luxury" is now an integrative approach to over all well being.  Besides, our skin is our largest organ, yet we care for it the least.


By committing to your self-care , you see results, feel better overall and look forward to joining me each month.  Together we can track your skins progress, make any needed adjustments and keep your whole wellness plan in place.

Members will receive at no additional cost

Hydrojelly Mask


Brow/Lip or Chin wax (please include in booking notes)

Underarm Wax(please include in booking notes)