Skin Type: Ultra Sensitive, oily and blemish prone skin suffering fromclogged pores, inflammation, redness, and irritation

It may seem counterintuitive to put oil on oily skin, but that's just what we're telling you to do. The right oils will provide light, breathable nourishment, reduce the appearance of inflammation, and encourage a healthy microbiome. Oils. Yes.


"Oil-free" is a phrase we just don't understand at Blissoma. The oil-free fad is one of the worst misinformation campaigns out there in facial care. It's time to unlearn and to unlock the goodness of natural, unrefined, botanical seed oils.

Flawless feels different than you might expect. 6

There are so many benefits to these seemingly simple oils it is hard to describe them all. As usual the quality of our products is in the skilled blending, the ingredient sourcing and choices, and the freshness and potency when delivered to you. We dare you to treat your skin to Flawless and see the amazing benefits.

One bottle goes a long way and you may find Flawless useful for other purposes including moisturizing the ends of your hair and controlling flyaways - its light consistency is just perfect to apply a bit to damp hair for styling!  

Blissoma Flawless _ Clear Condition Facial Oil