release tension | jaw pain
relieve sinus congestion
encourage lymph flow
diminish dark circles | reduce puffiness
minimize appearance of wrinkles (smoker, mimic and smile lines)
brightens | promotes radiant complexion
reduce dark spots | blemishes and other skin problems

CJB Jiacui Swirl Roller
Protective Eco-Pouch Sold Separately. Add-on to keep your gemstone roller safe. 

Not a fan of Jade Rollers? We weren’t either until we discovered the benefits of using textured rollers to manipulate the muscles and increase movement in the underlying tissue. Movement, that is essential for healthy, glowing skin.

The CJB style of using beauty rollers focuses on varying the pressure of each technique to achieve a particular benefit. The swirl design caters specifically to Cecily’s “twist and plow” kneading technique that’s intended to release tension and cultivate a fresh supply of nutrient rich blood to areas of stagnation.

Let the stone do the work! The unique design creates a natural vibration when rolling and subsequent “ripple” effect for increased lymphatic flow and micro-circulation. By following specific pathways, you can direct the flow of fluids and removal of cellular waste from the tissue. To release tension on the neck, try quickly rolling the “tractor tire” threads up and down to increase blood flow and disband myofascial tension.

Jiacui Jade Benefits

Jiacui is similar in quality to Xiuyan Jade, but with more color variations within the st