Self care has a whole new meaning now....

Its more important then ever to take the time for yourself and your health.

Caring for your skin goes far beyond what you put on it. Now more than ever, we need to be nourished body and mind. Understanding the connection between our nutrition, our day to day stress and our innate need to feel connected is what my philosophy is all about. 

My goal is to give you the knowledge and the tools to have a healthy microbiome both on your skin and your gut. The connection between the gut, brain, and skin is vital to helping you have the skin you not only deserve but always wanted. 

Other important factors for success:

  • Proper lymphatic flow of the face & neck 

  • Acupressure points of the face

  • Reducing Daily Stress

  • Proper breath work & meditation

Together we can create a beautiful, lasting relationship with you and your skin...



Customized Facial Rituals

Plant Based Skincare is used in my treatments.

  Ingredients available upon request. 

30 Minute Facial Journey 60 (Not available to first time client)

Perfect for maintenance and someone on the go. Includes:

Skin Consult, Double Cleanse, Exfoliation, Mask & Dermal Layering. 


                     HydroJelly Mask            20

                     LED Light Therapy        10

30 Minute Teen Express Facial 50 

Perfect to educate your Teen on proper skincare routines & guidance to help with any breakouts that can occur.  Multiple appointments are suggested to track our progress!


Skin Consult, Double Cleanse, Exfoliation, Mask & Moisturizer.

45 Minute Custom Facial  (not available for 1st time client)                           $ 75

When you're in need of a facial.....but a little less time.

This service is the same as the 60 Minute Facial, for those that want to relax, get results, but a little less massage.


60 Minute Custom Facial Ritual                    90

Monthly Members      3, 6 or 12 months       75 (see Membership Signup for Info)

The Ultimate Skincare Collaboration:  We begin with your unique skin analysis where we will discuss your concerns and goals, allowing us to put together a map for us both to follow.  

Each facial begins with breath work to start the relaxation process and let you fully be present during our time.

Based on my findings and our goals, your skincare products will be chosen of each step

Double Cleansing, exfoliation, extractions if necessary and appropriate. Massage to include various unique hand held modalities like, Gua Sha, Kansa Wand, Jade Roller, Bloodstone Mushrooms and more. Each of these allow me to assist with Lymphatic drainage, reduce fine lines, relieve tension and bring blood flow to the skin. 

LED Light Therapy will be included as needed.

As you relax during your facial masks, a hand massage can be done upon request. 

Finally, the finishing touches will be applied, serums and sunscreen/moisturizer. 


ADD ONS AVAILABLE: Just let me know!

Upgrades: Hydro Jelly Mask $20

Warm Hand Hydrating Treatment $15                      


Exfoliating Facial Treatments (Consults performed at time of service)


Dermaplaning Facial   $100

                                       $80 Member Pricing 

Dermplaning is a form of manual exfoliation. It's a non invasive, no downtime treatment to safely exfoliate and refresh the skin's top layer. Removing the fine vellus hairs and dead skin, it leaves the skin smooth, reduces fine lines, pigmentation and allows our skincare products to better penetrate the skin.  No it will not make you grow a beard or mustache! 

There are some contraindications so before I perform this treatment I will do a consult and assess your skins health. 

If you wonder if you're a candidate, just ask!

Add On: Hydrojelly Mask $20

Microdermabrasion Facial        $125

                                                     $100 Member Pricing 

A series of 5 can be purchased and scheduled 2 weeks apart

Cancellation Policy Listed Under Services

Virtual Consultations & Virtual Facial Appointments NOW AVAILABLE 

See choices under ONLINE BOOKING TAB

Waxing Services Available: See waxing information under ONLINE BOOKING TAB

Body Treatments & Foot Treatments

The Grounding   90

 This treatment starts at your feet and ends with your face. 
To help you feel more grounded, relaxed and rested, you first start with a foot soak with custom created essential oils and herbs.
Nail maintenance, including clipping & filing 
Foot & leg massage with a custom created massage oil 
Foot & Leg exfoliation with a custom scrub with Lavender, Holy Basil & Pink Sea Salt. Foot file on heels included
Kansa Wand massage on the feet and legs
A custom created detox moisturizing mask on feet followed by Hot Towels
Your journey then takes you to the facial bed, where you'll have the treat of warm oil & the Kansa Wand massaging your face & neck, finishing with a scalp massage and hand massage.


Feet First Treatment 55


This 60 minute foot treatment is meant to de stress, detox and revive your feet
Foot soak with custom oils 
Nail Care, including cutting & filing if needed
Foot & Leg Massage with Kamila Blu Body Oil
Foot & Leg Exfoliation with an invigorating Coffee Sugar Scrub from Kamila Blu
Custom Detox Mask for leg & feet
Hot Towels 
Kansa Wand Foot Massage


Revive Body Treatment  75

This Full body exfoliation begins with dry brushing from your feet to your shoulders, front and back.

Custom Created Detox mask is then applied as you enjoy the quiet and and relax while listening to the calming sounds of the river below.

Your body is then wrapped in multiple layers to assist with the detox process. Scalp massages are given upon request. The bed is heated and will be warm, if you'd prefer no heat. let me know.


Warm towel compresses are then  applied to remove the mask. Finally, your body will be treated to an oil and moisture application, custom created by me. 


A girl's hand mixes the ingredients to c
image of homemade cosmetics ingredients.