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Self care has a whole new meaning now....

It's more important than ever to take the time for yourself and your health.

Caring for your skin goes far beyond what you put on it. Now more than ever, we need to be nourished body and mind. Understanding the connection between our nutrition, our day to day stress and our innate need to feel connected is what my philosophy is all about. 

My goal is to give you the knowledge and the tools to have a healthy microbiome both on your skin and your gut. The connection between the gut, brain, and skin is vital to helping you have the skin you not only deserve but always wanted.  The focus on Lymphatic Drainage, Connective Tissue Massage and Fascia help facilitate the 

importance of flow, that gives you that glow.

Other important factors for success:

  • Proper lymphatic flow of the face & neck 

  • Acupressure points of the face

  • Reducing Daily Stress

  • Proper breath work & meditation

Together we can create a beautiful, lasting relationship with you and your skin...




Customized Facial Rituals

Whole Plant Based Skincare 

Laurel Skin, Blissoma & Botnia

  Ingredients available upon request. 
First Time Clients are required to book the New Client 90 Minute 

New Client 90 Minute Facial       180 

The Ultimate Skincare Collaboration:  We begin with your unique individual consultation where we will discuss your concerns and goals, allowing us to put together a map for us both to follow.  Starting with a holistic approach client intake.

Once our consultation is complete, your custom apothecary style 60 minute facial will begin. During that time you're welcome to ask questions or just relax, reset & sleep for 60 minutes. As always, I'll choose what your skin needs at that specific time. Each facial is different, depending on what your skin is seeking during our time together.  After your facial, we'll discuss my recommendations, what I saw and noticed during your facial and how we can move forward together to get your skin health where we'd like it to be!


Skin Consult, Double Cleanse, Exfoliation (if appropriate) Extractions (if appropriate)

Face, Neck, Shoulder & Chest massage utilizing Kansa Wand, Gua Sha, Facial Cupping. Two plant based masks, Serums, Moisturizer & SPF


Existing Client Facial Menu 

Includes the above, except the consultation time.

90 Minute Custom Facial Session  185 

60 Minute Custom Facial Session  150                                                                                      

Monthly Members        (Membership is Currently Closed)

PRICING adjustments January 2023, any appointments booked past January will be adjusted on January 1, 2023.

More Services Available UNDER BOOKING 

Virtual Services Available as well! 

PLEASE NOTE: I do not see clients who've had Botox or fillers unless its been over 6 months since injections due to the nature and style of facial massage sessions. 


Cancellation Policy:

All appointments require a cancellation 48 hrs prior to your appointment. If they are cancelled in less than that time frame, you will be sent an invoice for that appointment.

2 or more cancelled or rescheduled appointments will require your future appointments to be prepaid in full. If you cancel or reschedule that appointment, you will not receive a refund for that appointment or be able to rebook any future appointments.

Please reach out to me prior to cancelling so we can possibly reschedule you! 

Virtual Consultations & Virtual Facial Appointments NOW AVAILABLE 

See choices under ONLINE BOOKING TAB

Please note, Gua Sha & Facial Cupping Lessons cannot be done during a consultation. They must be booked as a separate appointment.


Body Treatments & Foot Treatments

The Grounding   125

 This treatment starts at your feet and ends with your face. 
To help you feel more grounded, relaxed and rested, you first start with a foot soak with hot beach stones, custom created oils and botanicals.
Nail maintenance, including clipping & filing 
Foot & leg massage with a custom created massage oil 
Foot & Leg exfoliation with a custom scrub with Lavender, Holy Basil & Pink Sea Salt. Foot file on heels included
Kansa Wand massage on the feet and legs
A custom created detox moisturizing mask on feet followed by Hot Towels


Your journey then takes you to the facial bed, where you'll have the treat of warm oil & the Kansa Wand massaging your face & neck, finishing with a scalp massage, warm hand mitts, warm neck mitt and Gua Sha and or Facial Cupping.

Feet First Treatment 60


This 50 minute foot treatment is meant to de stress, detox and revive your feet & legs.
Foot soak with hot stones, custom oils & botanicals  
Nail Care, including cutting & filing if needed
Foot & Leg Massage with custom blended oils 
Foot & Leg Exfoliation with custom Sugar & Oils 
Custom Detox Clay Mask for leg & feet
Aromatherapy Hot Towels 
Kansa Wand Foot Massage 


Revive Body Treatment  135

Ad On: Infrared Sauna Blanket $30

             Celluma Light Therapy $30

              Thai Herbal Poultice     $30

This Full body exfoliation begins with dry brushing from your feet to your shoulders, front and back.

Custom Created Detox mask is then applied as you enjoy the quiet and relax while listening to the calming sounds of the river below.

Your body is then wrapped in multiple layers to assist with the detox process. Scalp massage, face and neck massage are done while your body deeply relaxes.  The bed is heated and will be warm, if you'd prefer no heat. let me know.


Warm towel compresses are then  applied to remove the mask. Finally, your body will be treated to an oil and moisture application, custom created by me. 


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